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Dota cosplay

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Dota cosplay

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Dota cosplay

Nothing says dedication more than bringing your favorite Dota 2 heroe to life. Cosplay aficionados steal the spotlight every time they attend gaming events in order to showcase their crafts. Here are some of the best Dota cosplay costumes ever made! Post-processed or not, some of the self-made disguises pictured below display beautiful craftsmanship and have certainly taken a lot of time, money, work, and devotion to complete.

The ultimate TI5 Cosplay gallery: The Wows and the Whats

Next article Resolut1on parts ways with Empire, joins Digital Chaos. Previous article MamasBoys and SexyBamboe part ways. DotaBlast Contributor We are hiring! Tournaments Team Onyx blinsided the world in NA Kiev Major qualifiers. Tournaments Team Secret grand slam performance in EU Kiev Major qualifiers. Pro pummel all opponents in CIS Kiev Major qualifiers. Vitality clinch Kiev Major China qualifiers. Tournaments TnC Pro surged from the elimition series in the SEA Kiev Major qualifiers. Tournaments Invictus Gaming takes up two spots in China Kiev Major qualifier playoffs.

Tournaments Team Faceless knock it out of the park in Kiev Major SEA qualifiers. Tournaments Not Today SA Kiev Major qualifier playoffs. Tournaments Team NP flawless preceding NA Kiev Major qualifier playoffs.

50 of the best Dota cosplay costumes ever made

Tournaments Team Secret, Bears, NiP, Alliance EU Kiev Major qualifier playoffs bound. Pro undefeated heading into CIS Kiev Major qualifier playoffs. Tournaments Clutch Gamers impressive, Faceless, TnC and Mineski heading into the SEA Kiev Major qualifier playoffs.

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