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Twin Memories Shrines! - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Gameplay Part 5

In this post you find Lost Twins: A Surreal Puzzle Adventure walkthrough for all Levels ans stages of this greate puzzle adventure. A room full of puzzles or is it a puzzle full of rooms?

Lost Twins: The Quaint Adventure Of A Brother And Sister Answers for iPhone - iPad

Lost Twins is a charming, unique and utterly addictive puzzle game for the whole family. They are left adrift in an enchanted labyrinth of rooms- hopeless and lost.

Lost twins прохождение

Is the mysterious red door the way back? Or will it lead them even deeper into this spellbinding world? Each exit conjures up an even more intricate puzzle full of rooms.

Lost twins прохождение

Assort rooms and reunite the siblings while collecting stars along the way. But beware, for obstacles are bound to flow your way. Swap, Shift and Shuffle your way to the end!

Lost twins прохождение

Just click on the room you need to solve and see how to do. We will be happy to hear your thoughts.

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