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Pete was a classicly trained pianist and Keith Webb was a jazz drummer. At the time, they were the opening act for The Rollingstones, with the Terry Reid Band. Deciding to break away from the creative restrictions imposed on them as backing musicians, they returned to England to form their own band called Paladin. Many months were spent finding the right blend of musicians, writing and rehearsing. Peter had never played bass before but needed the job and learned quickly. By the end of , they hit the road to play live gigs. Their first appearance took place at the Revolution in London.

They also recorded portions of the album at Island Studios, also in London. They recorded almost everything live in the studio, with a few overdubs. This decison produced some outstanding pieces of music. They toured England and Europe, playing all the great clubs there at the time. He sufferd a dislocated shoulder but continued on as the band begin cutting their second album.

A year later, it was time for their second album, which was produced by Geogg Emerick who engineered Sgt. Please put in a valid email address. BRONZE RECORDS Released in the Spring of , "Paladin" was the debut album from this creative band. Formed the previous year by Keith Webb and Pete Solley both ex-members of Terry Reids band , Paladin encompassed all that was experimental in early 70s rock. Fusing the worlds of jazz, rock and ethnic Cuban music, Paladins debut album was both powerful and rhythmic. One of the first signings to Bronze Records, Paladin shared a home with URIAH HEEP, COLOSSEUM et al and were highly regarded.

Dance Of The Cobra Instrumental The Fakir Instrumental Band members: Fusing the worlds of jazz, rock and ethnic Cuban music, Paladins second album was both more "progressive" and hard edged in nature to their debut. Adorned in a striking sleeve designed by ROGER DEAN artist for YES , the album became known as much for its sleeve as the excellent music within.

One of the first signings to Bronze records, Paladin shared a home with URIAH HEEP, COLOSSEUM et al and were highly regarded. Sweet Sweet Music Variation Solley Well We Might Variation Solley Fill Up Your Heart Instrumental Solley Bad Times Instrumental Solley Band members: LINE UP Keith Webb Drums Joe Jammer Pete Beckett Vocals Peter Solley Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Keith, on meeting Peter for the first time DEREK FOLEY passed away September 26, Paladin were very much a live band who had their stuff down nice and tight.

But Even With Their Wildly Eclectic Sound — Incorporating Cuban Rhythms, Jazz, Rock, And Psychedelia, The Quintet Aimed At A Surprisingly Accessible Sound, And Should Have Been A Commercial Monster. Paladin Inked A Deal With Bronze UK And Released Their Eponymous Debut Album In , A Set That Still Quivers With Creativity.

Recorded Live In The Studio, The Entire Album Has An Immediacy To It, With Even The Downtempo Numbers Filled With Energy. The Opening "Bad Times" Shows They Mean Business, The Latin Rhythms Underpinning An Organ Melody And A Rousing Chorus Traffic Would Have Ground To A Halt For, But Before The Almost Seven-Minute Song Comes To The End, The Band Bounces Into A Santana-Esque Jam Led By The Raging, Psychedelic, Acid-Drenched Organ, Which Gets An Even Bigger Workout On The Rocking "Fill Up Your Heart," A Song Which Must Have Been Absolutely Lethal Live.

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