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Wowhead Client клиент Wowhead — небольшое приложение, с помощью которого вы можете обновить данные на сайте, а так же воспользоваться дополнительными возможностями! Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания!

Данный сайт активно использует технологию JavaScript. Пожалуйста, Включите JavaScript в вашем браузере. Комментарии Комментарий от onex Награнд - 8. Комментарий от atributz Пре-квест Стой прямо, капитан! Комментарий от Dmitvik мобы, которых нада убить тут , бем всех подряд, кроме элитников. Комментарии Комментарий от Bruciato Just kill 20 deathshadow agents in Nagrand at twilight ridge. You can reach this place only flying.

This quest is available at honored with Netherwing. Комментарий от Hilda Quick tip for healing specced priests: Mind Control the ogres and use them to kill the mobs, they have fairly powerful spells and will kill most of the other mobs around in 2 or 3 hits. Just be wary of the timer on the mind control and be prepared to reapply it as necessary. Комментарий от Nogun A kill by a Mind Controlled mob will NOT give the Priest experience, reputation, honor, a quest credit or loot.

Easiest way for a healer to solo this is by killing the Deathshadow Spellbinders that are channeling a spell at the portal on the west side. Комментарий от Beliandra Netherwing rep per completion, and it is of course a daily quest. Комментарий от uigrad I received Комментарий от Ravneguden U can get there without a flying mount off course.

There is a way through the mountains to the north. Комментарий от Vensik A complete list of Daily quests available here: Комментарий от Ondri you need to have flying mount to get there. Комментарий от Heathcliff When you die in an area like this, or Tempest Keep, you spawn in the graveyard alive.

Комментарий от Vast something that may help out, especially for warriors out there.. I killed the mobs on the east side, usually hitting one would aggro a second, but not always, until the east side was clear. Комментарий от Frecyo Easy way to do it: Theres 6 or 7 mobs on both sides. They will not aggro until you attack them From the West side be careful, as the mob will run around the Arc. Комментарий от Mairin Four spellbinders on one side of the portal, four spellbinders and two archons on the other.

Комментарий от Dreossk You can find a guide to all the daily quests here: Комментарий от Paddyjack There are several comments already on the "how to do it", so I would like to point out something different about this quest. I have been doing the daily quests Skyguard, Ogrila, Netherwing for several weeks now, and I believe this one is a waste of time compared to the others.

Basically, people are doing these daily quests for two reasons: Now, this quest is given in Shadowmoon Valley, but is performed in Nagrand on the western side no less , so completely on the other side of the Outland world map. So if you are doing 10 daily quests for money, spare this one IMO, it is not time efficient.

The only reason why I would make that detour daily to complete this quest would be if I was really in a hurry to do the netherwing rep grind. Комментарий от Hervard Mobs are located around here: Комментарий от Grados This quest awards reputation, making this and The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid Scryer or The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid Aldor the best daily quests to do for getting Exalted reputation and a Nether Drake as quickly as possible.

Комментарий от Suhov Gold gained nerfed in patch 2. So now it give 12 gold, same as Booterang and others quests. Комментарий от DestinoX As a prot pally, I find this quest simply horrible.

Those monsters mana burn like crazy, and when you do get one on low HP they like to run away and pull elites. Комментарий от Kehnara How are you hitting them from the arch.

Как правильно играть в spellbinders

Комментарий от Montag I did this by straffing the twilight portal area and avoiding the patrolling guard. When he does happen to approach, just fly into the air to avoid him and start working on the other side.

On each side of the portal is also two camps of two or three casters with demons. Комментарий от Japegrape I believe this quest must have been reworked to be much, much easier. Even the ones standing right next to each other. On top of that, none of the casters started casting until in melee range. Loads easier than some of these comments made it seem, so I think they must have simplified it. Комментарий от lcarnegie a heads up if you die. Took me way to damn long to figure this out. Комментарий от YoMoMoMo Fly into the Twilight Ridge and land inside the dark portal itself, there are 4 x Spellbinders and 2 x Archons on the NE side and 4 x Spellbinders on the SW side and they can be pulled individually and will run straight to you.

To both the left and right of the Dark Portal are some Fel Forges with 2 x Warlock and imp around them. These can be tagged individually too and lured into melee range by a line-of-sight pull using the sides of the Dark Portal. All in all, very easy quest as a druid all the caster mobs have very low hitpoints and worth Netherwing rep per daily turn-in.

If you want to make g per hour here is a Helpful WoW Guide. Комментарий от Nyhm Fly into the Twilight Ridge and land inside the dark portal itself, there are 4 x Spellbinders and 2 x Archons on the NE side and 4 x Spellbinders on the SW side and they can be pulled individually and will run straight to you.

Комментарий от flammables You are supposed to land inside of arch, not on very top of it - from bellow, as a warrior I was pulling with ranged, 30 yards is np.

Как правильно играть в spellbinders

Prolly the best place to do it, unless you can silence pull mobs away. Комментарий от zaonpt how about u guys give more basic tips like: Комментарий от Roxxy A Youtube video of the quest. Комментарий от jrodman Added in patch 3. Комментарий от KillaGuerrilla Currently a really simple quest, most of the tips are outdated unless of course you only have TBC or are staying at 70 But the only problem I have with this daily quest is flying from practically the most eastern point in Outland to the most western point.

Usually I just HS to Orgrimmar on the way back and fly to netherwing ledge, takes about 3 minutes on the way back. I fly all the freaking way to the Twilight camp and start killing mobs. The counter will increase until it gets to Killing additional mobs will not increment the counter. As soon as the loading screen clears the quest is complete again. I can then take the portal to Shattrath, fly all the freaking way again back to Netherwing Ledge and turn in the quest. You travel a good chunk faster when using the feather compared to flight so you can get to the quest point and back pretty quickly.

Комментарий от Elodeon If you have a Draenor Garrison with Mage Tower, and Непрестанно меняющееся зеркало: Lord Illidan will hear of your heroism!

При написании комментария, просим вас не забывать про следующее: Ваш комментарий должен быть на русском языке, иначе он будет удален. Не уверены как правильно составить комментарий? Тогда прочтите наше замечательное руководство! У вас может возникнуть желание проверить написание своего комментария перед тем, как поместить его на сайт.

Задавайте вопросы на наших форумах , чтобы получить гарантированный ответ. Просмотрите изображение, используя форму ниже. Скриншоты, содержащие элементы интерфейса, по общему правилу, удаляются сразу. Это же относится и к скриншотам, полученным с помощью Просмотрщика моделей или окна выбора персонажа. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашими требованиями к скриншотам перед их отправкой на рассмотрение. Введите URL видео на YouTube в форму ниже.

Он устанавливает и обновляет аддон Wowhead Looter , который собирает данные, пока вы играете!

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