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Pocket Shrek Packet Shrek is an adventure for all children, cheerful and resourceful from 3 to years! The game is based on the popular animated film "Shrek" with elements of puzzles and a pet "Tamagotchi".

Shrek kart

The protagonist of this story — Shrek — Merry fellow, glutton and fuddy-duddy! Your email address will not be published. Free download games and applications on the Android phone or tablet of different genres and directions. If you are the author of any material, presented here, and it contradicts with certain rules and violates copyright, please, Please let us know, and we will remove it immediately.

Игры про шрека скачать на андроид

Download games for Android and the free program. Games for Android Programs for Android. Shrek you need to feed any small insects-bugs, flies and slippery larvae. If he lives and satisfied, to open all the secrets of the Kingdom of far far away.

Игры про шрека скачать на андроид

But not free of charge-you have to help him pass a number of tests — mini-games! Get Shrek laughing out loud — Twitter and wonder! But when Shrek with you get bored, then unlock it obsessive friend Ass! Only the donkey always ready to tolerate jokes, odors and jeering of his best friend!

Игры Шрек

Donkey with a head start in any adventure with Shrek! Due to awards and achievements you can open shots the most interesting moments of the animated film series "Shrek". Pass the game levels — from simple to complex-using mini-games; Due to gaming coins buy useful bog items; Light together with Shrek!

Игры про шрека скачать на андроид

Arcade , Adventure , entertainment , Tamagotchi , Shrek. All of the files posted with permission of the authors of the applications or found freely available on the Web, If any of the files violates your rights, tell us about it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Copying materials without reference to the source is prohibited!

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